The word “Simp” used to entail negative meanings. But now, thanks to Gen-Z readers, we can view it from another perspective: “Simp” basically means you are head over heels for something! For instance, a husband who loves his wife to the moon and back can proudly talk about himself: “I am a simp for my wife.”

That’s why this funny sticker can be a hilarious

6. Danganronpa Rings

Source: Ebay.

What could be a better anniversary gift than a pair of beautiful silver rings to declare how you two belong together? Though not exactly designed for romantic goals, these Dangan rings are quite well-designed and look elegant on any finger size. Imagine how happy your spouse/lover will feel once they get their hands on these lovely items!

Even better, it’s possible to utilize their usage in any way you like. Either don the rings on your fingers or make it a neck chain – all is up to you and your preferences!

7. Heart Badges

Source: Etsy.

The best way to litter your lover with affection at an affordable price is to purchase these heart badges from Etsy. Each of them is adorned with images of a happy couple – perfectly suited to what you two are now!

(In fact, any heart-shaped object is fine – since love and heart symbols always go hand in hand!)

It would be even better to get heart badges of couples/ships your boyfriend/girlfriend likes. Is he/she a fanatic of Fuyuhiko and Peko? Then buy PekFuyu badges for them!

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