Even non-otaku know about Junko Enoshima – since she makes so many appearances in Anime Expos, Japanese Festivals, and other important events! Hence, wearing a pair of cool sneakers with her evil grin plastered on them will make your pal stand out among the crowds. Hell, thanks to those shoes, he can even find some other like-minded pals!

tanjiro animetanjiro anime

Gearsaiyan also provides some other choices when it comes to Junko shoes. Make sure to browse through them all!

9. Mini Backpack

Source: Hottopic.

Backpacks are not only for schools and classes. They can be quite helpful in anime expos, especially if you purchase many goods and wish for a sturdy bag to store them all.

Hence, these mini backpacks should be among your first consideration – which is compact for easy handling while still providing ample room for your friends’ anime goods!

Not to mention, their covers are eye-catching, easily attracting other Danganronpa fans. We dare to say that some amazing otaku friendships can blossom from there!

10. Postcard Holders

Source: AmiAmi.

Collecting postcards is a frequent hobby often seen in lots of anime enthusiasts.
It would be quite a waste to let these cards crumble somewhere in your friend’s bag bottom; why don’t you give him a compact holder to store all of his collection? One with Danganronpa characters on the cover – such as this item – will be even more wonderful!

11. Dangan x Flavor Pin Badge

Source: Otakumode.

In Anime Expos, people are no longer strangers to the sights of otakus proudly sticking badges onto their bags. That’s why we believe buying some Dangan-badges for your excited friend would send him straight to cloud nine!
All these items are well-designed, with the characters portrayed in their most charismatic poses. Who would be a fool to refuse such a heartfelt present from you?

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