Years ago, the otaku world gladly witnessed the debut of the Danganronpa game – a critically-acclaimed survival title that spawns thousands of sequels, spin-offs, and movie adaptations! With an equally successful anime, it has become a household name for most anime enthusiasts. Chances are your otaku friend is not excluded from this trend!

So what should you do to pick the most suitable Danganronpa gift? The answer is simple: go to renowned websites such as Gearsaiyan (for well-crafted anime shoes), Crunchyroll stores, and more!

Still confused with the entire process? No worries; we are here to help you! Keep scrolling to learn some of the best options suited to each occasion.

What Is The Best Danganronpa Gift? A Complete Guide

A. Birthday Gifts

1. Kirigiri Figure

Source: J-list.

Of course, which viewer can forget about Kirigiri – the coolest and most beautiful girl in Danganronpa’s first season? Her impeccable charisma and beauty have gained her millions of fans worldwide – and we believe that your otaku pal is not an exception!

Gifting your BFF this exquisitely-crafted figure on his birthday will make him jump over the moon. Even better, the price is not that outrageous (compared to most figures on the market these days). You can purchase one or two without breaking the bank!

2. Tapestries

Source: Mandarake.

Most house owners would like to decorate their houses and rooms with beautifully-woven tapestries. Why would your friend not want to do the same? He will be on the moon if his best pal delivers these amazing, gorgeous Danganronpa tapestries on one of the most important days in his life!

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